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Instagram Edit


Instagram Edit is a 60 second square video created specifically for sharing on Instagram. This is the perfect teaser of your wedding ready for social media.

Feature Film Package


With the Feature Film Package Add-On, you will receive an 8 to 10 minute Feature Film in lieu of the standard 3-5 minute highlight film. In order to capture enough footage for a longer video, this add-on includes an additional 2 hours of coverage for both videographers.

Music Choice


All music in our Highlight and Feature Films must be legally licensed. Our basic package comes with beautiful instrumental music picked by AWP. However, if you are looking to include a popular/copyrighted song in your film, we would be happy to license a song for you. You may choose any song from, and AWP will obtain the copyright license for your film. *Note* AWP must purchase the license; simply tell us what song you would like, and we will handle the rest.

Raw Footage


Raw footage from all cameras. These clips are not color corrected, and audio may not be synced. Raw Footage is exported as one large video clip for you to watch. Raw Footage length varies by wedding, but can be expected to be between 2 to 4 hours. Raw Footage cannot be publicly shared.

Additional Hours


Hours of coverage are continuous, starting when the videography team first arrives at the first location continuing until the team leaves at the end of the night. If you have many different locations, or if you have a full day of events planned, we recommend you add more hours of video coverage. Additional hours apply to both shooters, with the total cost at $300 per additional hour.

Drone Footage

$350/1 hr

$550/2 hrs

Drone shots are a wonderful way to capture the landscape of your venue. Drones can be used during outdoor events such as First Look, Formals, and Cocktail Hour. Drones cannot be used during ceremonies, speeches, or any indoor events.

4K Video


Upgrade your video to 4K Ultra HD. All footage will be filmed in 4K, and all of your playable videos will be exported in 4K.

Rush Fee


The standard turn-around time with our base package is 8 to 10 weeks. If you are too excited to wait, you can add on rush delivery to ensure you receive your screener page within 1 week of your wedding.

USB Thumb Drive


Receive a USB thumb drive with all playable videos on it. The thumb drive is compatible with any USB device (such as computers, smart TV's, and some tablets). Videos will be full HD or 4k (if 4k is added to the package). No minimum order required.



(min order 3)

Receive a DVD with all playable videos on it, including a DVD menu selection. DVD's are compatible with any DVD player and most computers. All DVD's are in standard definition, and not full HD. Minimum order 3 DVDs.



(min order 3)

Receive a Blu-Ray with all playable videos on it, including a menu selection. Blu-Rays are compatible only with Blu-Ray Players. All Blu-Rays are in Full HD (1080). Minimum order 3 Blu-Rays.

Our Story Video


Our Story Video is a 3-5 minute film about the two of you. Acquainted Weddings spends 2 to 3 hours with you filming your story. This video is perfect to play at your rehearsal dinner or wedding reception.

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