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Top 5 Non-Cake Wedding Desserts

Cake is a staple for weddings. While it's classic, it also tends to be dry and not very flavorful. Plus, what if everyone doesn't like the flavor you pick? Whether you are looking to supplement your cake, or get replace it all together, here are my top 5 favorite alternative wedding desserts.

1 - Italian Peaches

This dessert is traditionally found at Italian Weddings and is super delicious! You two soft cookies and scoop out the inside. Fill it with peach jam, then stick them together. You roll it in food peach schnapps and sugar. Use food dye to give it the right coloring, and add a mint leaf for decoration. Really though, anything with peach schnapps in the recipe is a win.

 photo from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio

2 - Bonbons

These are fun because they are bite size and you can have all different flavors! You can go traditional or get funky. Need some inspiration? Check out for 24 fun ideas. The Bourbon Maple Pecan is calling my name.

 photo from

3 - Oreo Truffles

I love to cook and bake. So when I'm having a night in, I grab a glass of wine, a box of Oreos, and make truffles! It's so easy and delicious, this is something you could make if you are creating your own dessert buffet. These end up being so rich that you can only eat one or two, but it's totally worth it. Check out a recipe on

photo from

4- Macarons

Macarons are both delicious and gorgeous. The perfect cake replacer, macarons are traditionally stacked in a cone shape and decorated at the top. If you are ever in Philly, I suggest stopping by ICI in Old City. On any given day they will have over 2 dozen unique flavors to try. Macarons are very difficult to make, so I would suggest buying this sweet treat instead of making it yourself.

photo from ICI

5 - Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Embrace your inner child and have an ice cream bar! Let your guests create their own dessert with a buffet of flavors and toppings. This is another easy DIY dessert, only limited by your imagination. Must have toppings include M&M, fruit, nuts, caramel, and chocolate sauce. Some funky ideas include leches, mochi, or Cap'n' Crunch.



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