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Top 5 Cutest Ways to Propose to Your Bridesmaids

The bridal party is a way to involve your closest friends and family in your wedding. So it's no wonder that brides are stepping up their game and proposing to their bridesmaids. Here are 5 cute ideas on how to pop the question to your bridal party!

1. Wine Glasses

An easy DIY project! Get a few plain wine glasses and decorate them with nail polish, glitter, or spray-paint. Customize them with each bridesmaid's name. Add in a mini bottle of champagne and you've got a bubbly way to POP the question (see what I did there? Please don't judge me). PS - this is how I proposed to my bridesmaids!

photo from StunninglySmith on Etsy

2. Bracelets

These "Can't tie the knot without you" knot bracelets are adorable. Personalize them with your bridesmaid's initials. Not only are these cute but they also double as wedding-day jewelry!

photo from MignonandMignon on Etsy

3. Shot Glasses

Seriously I need to stop with these puns, but look at this! For the more flirty/sassy/party people in your life, try proposal shot glasses! Couple it with a small bottle of their favorite liquor (I'm a Bombay Sapphire girl myself) and get ready for a very enthusiastic "yes!"

photo by MJsBridalSupport on Etsy

4. Cards

Simplicity can be absolutely perfect sometimes. Find the perfect card to ask your bridesmaids based on their personalities. The one below reminds me of my best friend and I. My poor husband did not just marry me - he now has to deal with our crazy friendship forever! Bonus! Cards are the perfect way to ask any of your long-distance friends.

photo by rusticandruffly on Esty

5. Coffee Mugs

I was just asked to be the Matron (eww that sounds old!) of Honor for my future sister-in-law! What made this super exciting surprise even more fun? COFFEE! Along with this adorable personalized coffee mug, she gave me a pound of Pumpkin Coffee and little chocolates. Basically that's everything I need in life in one box. I believe she ordered it from Etsy so take a look for one you like!



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