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Top 5 Classy Bachelorette Party Ideas

Sure, who doesn't love a good penis pinata every now-and-again. But sometimes the crazy, binge-drinking, smutty bachelorette parties are better left for the movies. Remember: this is a party for the Bride! So even if the Maid-of-Honor has been dying to try out that new male stripper service, the party should be whatever the Bride feels comfortable with/would actually enjoy. Here are 5 themes for a classy bachelorette party for the classy bride-to-be.

1. Winery Tour

Just because you're classy doesn't mean you can't get tipsy. Most wineries offer tours, tastings, and - of course - WINE! If you want to go above and beyond, you can fly out the bridal party to Napa Valley and experience the wine country of America. Or if you're like me and wanted to stay local, you can find wineries in every state (don't believe me? Check out for a list!) I suggest finding one that offers a sit-down area with food. After the tour and tasting, order a few of your favorite bottles and some cheeses, and enjoy!

2. Brunch

I'm from Philly, and here brunch is a classy weekend social event. A nice sit-down meal with all of the best foods from breakfast and lunch, Brunch is available all weekend long. Add in drink specials and you have yourself an amazing afternoon. Because a Bachelorette party is supposed to be extra, pick out a really fancy brunch spot. If you're in Philly, try the Ritz-Carlton's Aquimero. Your $75 ticket gets you endless brunch and bubbles. Bottomless mimosas plus a raw bar? Go big or go home, am I right?

3. Spa Day

Planning a wedding can be stressful - and not just for the bride! Why not treat the bride (and bridesmaids!) to a full day of relaxation? Facial, nails, hair, massage...what could be better? Plus if you are looking to include the Mothers, this is a really fun way to do that.

4. Chef's Tasting Menu

This one is for your Foodie friends. Most high-end restaurants have a "chef's tasting menu" you can order. With a fixed price per person, it's easy to know exactly what will cost upfront. The chef takes all of the pressure out of making a decision by choosing all of the food for you! You get to try a bit of everything, so even picky eaters should find something they like. Plus, many tastings have paired Wine/Drinks tasting menu (yay, more wine!) that you can add on.

5. Painting

Painting with a Twist and other local shops let you get your own private painting lesson! Rent out the whole night and fill the studio with friends. These tend to be BYO so be sure to hit the liquor store ahead of time. Everyone gets a cute keepsake, plus what's classier than art?



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