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Top 5 Alternative Wedding Venues

There is something very classic of having a wedding in a big, beautiful ballroom. But the amazing thing about living in 2017 is that classic isn't the only way to have a wedding anymore! Weddings should be a reflection of the couple, so it's okay to get a little funky. Here are my top 5 favorite alternative wedding venues.

1 - Art Museum
I recently went to a friend's wedding that was held at the Fleisher Art Memorial in Philadelphia. The building is an old church converted into a museum, decorated with classic statues, modern paintings, and everything in between. With a combo artsy and rustic feel, this was the perfect venue for their intimate wedding. Art gallery/museum/memorial is the way to go for any creative couple.
Bonus: No need for decorations! Save money (and time) by letting the art do the talking.

2 - Family Farm
Okay, this is a bit of a cheat because not everyone has a family farm they can hop on over to for a wedding. But if you, your fiance, or even a family friend has access to a farm/vineyard/orchard, please please consider this! Some of the most beautiful weddings I've had the pleasure to work on were on family farms. Besides the scenery, there is something very sentimental about getting married at a location that you have a personal connection with.
Bonus: Save money with a family discount (aka free!), and spend that dough elsewhere (honeymoon, house, open bar with top shelf liquor...your choice).

3 - Movie Theater
So I'm a little bias here, but how cool would it be to have a wedding at a movie theater? A friend of mine who works in the film industry was planning his wedding as thus: Take 90% of the wedding budget, spend it on creating a kick-ass action short film about the couple getting married, and then invite your family and friends to watch it on the big screen! Spend the other 10% on movie-themed food, and have a the theater play other films in the background as people mingle.
Bonus: Ever wanted to do a surprise wedding? What a better way than inviting everyone to a theater, having the lights go down and surprise! It's a wedding!

4 - Broadway Theater
Want something larger than life? You can rent out space at the different Broadway theaters in New York. A wedding I worked on was held on stage for over 300 guests. Dinner, dancing, and a drag show topped of the night. But really, the possibilities are endless with such a grand venue. Warning: This one is not budget friendly.
Bonus: Not native to New York? Do a Destination Wedding that is more affordable for guests than flying over seas. With plenty of cultural and historical landmarks, New York is a must-visit for any American. Plus, no passport needed.

5- Colonial Mansion
In 1987 my parents got married at Appleford, an 300-year-old colonial mansion that had been restored in the 1920's. In 2015, I had the pleasure of attending a friend's wedding at the very same spot! With beautiful gardens and a unique inside, the mansion is a must for any history buffs. In any of the original 13 colonies you'll be able to find similar venues. It lends a touch of timelessness to your big day, but still has a unique quality.
Bonus: Play up the theme! Higher a horse and carriage to give your guests rides during cocktails.


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