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Caitlin and Steve's Wedding

Today I am so excited to share with you Caitlin and Steve's wedding video! These two first met at work, and quickly bonded over their love of Twin Peaks and Bob Dylan. So of course it's only fitting that 7 years later they have a Twin Peaks-themed wedding. Yep, you read that right. How did they pull that off, you ask? With beauty and grace.

First off, look at these rustic-yet-elegant table centerpieces.

Next we have quotes hanging around as decoration.

Instead of cake, they had a cherry pie so good "that'll kill you" (as Dale Cooper would say).

And we can't forget about the RR Diner Mugs, for that "Damn fine cup of coffee," as their wedding favors.

The two tied the knot on October 7, 2017. Check out their wedding video above. Congrats, Caitlin and Steve! To many more cups of coffee and slices of pie!


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